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Charity Software

Educational charity or otherwise, it is important to make the most of modern technology to function effectively. That means making the most of financials and adminstrative systems including newer products such as CRM and SharePoint.

Our systems cater for all aspects of running a charitable organisation be it fund raising, accounting or controlling costs. Of course charity software also needs to reflect the special requirements of the sector and we have worked hard to ensure that.  All our systems benefit from Microsoft's extensive and continuing investment in R&D but what makes them really stand out is that they offer very low cost of ownership.

We appreciate that changing systems can be disruptive, so we have also invested heavily in making the process of change as painless and cost effective as possible.

If you would like to find out more simply email and we will happily discuss how you can benefit.

Left Quote I really feel valued as a client, it doesn’t matter that we are only a small charity, the Business Insights staff are always very helpful and will take you through any problems step by step until they are sure it is solved.  Right Quote

Julie MacKenzie
Financial Services Manager   Regional Action West Midlands